Woopsi 1.3
Nintendo DS Gui Framework
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PAD Struct Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/woopsifuncs.h>

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Public Attributes

union {
   struct {
      u16   A:1
      u16   B:1
      u16   Select:1
      u16   Start:1
      u16   Right:1
      u16   Left:1
      u16   Up:1
      u16   Down:1
      u16   R:1
      u16   L:1
      u16   X:1
      u16   Y:1
      u16   Touch:1
      u16   Lid:1
   u16   AllKeys

Detailed Description

Structure to hold the status of the DS' control buttons.

Member Data Documentation

u16 PAD::A

A button

Bitmask representing entire control

u16 PAD::B

B button

u16 PAD::Down

Down d-pad

u16 PAD::L

L button

u16 PAD::Left

Left d-pad

u16 PAD::Lid

Lid state

u16 PAD::R

R button

Right d-pad

Select button

Start button

Stylus touch

u16 PAD::Up

Up d-pad

u16 PAD::X

X button

u16 PAD::Y

Y button

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