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WoopsiUI::Window Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/window.h>

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WoopsiUI::Gadget WoopsiUI::AmigaWindow WoopsiUI::Alert WoopsiUI::ColourPicker WoopsiUI::FileRequester WoopsiUI::Requester

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Public Member Functions

 Window (s16 x, s16 y, u16 width, u16 height, const WoopsiString &title, GadgetStyle *style=NULL)
void setTitle (const WoopsiString &title)
const WoopsiStringgetTitle ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawBorder (GraphicsPort *port)
virtual void onDragStart ()
virtual void onDrag (s16 x, s16 y, s16 vX, s16 vY)
virtual void onDragStop ()
virtual ~Window ()
 Window (const Window &window)

Protected Attributes

WoopsiString _title

Detailed Description

Class representing a basic, empty window. Intended to be subclassed, but can be used as-is if necessary.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WoopsiUI::Window::Window ( s16  x,
s16  y,
u16  width,
u16  height,
const WoopsiString title,
GadgetStyle style = NULL 


xThe x co-ordinate of the window.
yThe y co-ordinate of the window.
widthThe width of the window.
heightThe height of the window.
titleThe title of the window.
styleThe style that the gadget should use. If this is not specified, the gadget will use the values stored in the global defaultGadgetStyle object. The gadget will copy the properties of the style into its own internal style object.
virtual WoopsiUI::Window::~Window ( ) [inline, protected, virtual]


WoopsiUI::Window::Window ( const Window window) [inline, protected]

Copy constructor is protected to prevent usage.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void WoopsiUI::Window::drawBorder ( GraphicsPort port) [protected, virtual]

Draw the area of this gadget that falls within the clipping region. Called by the redraw() function to draw all visible regions.

portThe GraphicsPort to draw to.
See also:

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

Reimplemented in WoopsiUI::AmigaWindow.

const WoopsiString& WoopsiUI::Window::getTitle ( ) [inline]

Get the title of the window.

The title of the window.
virtual void WoopsiUI::Window::onDrag ( s16  x,
s16  y,
s16  vX,
s16  vY 
) [protected, virtual]

Draws the dragging XOR rect at the new co-ordinates.

xThe x co-ordinate of the stylus.
yThe y co-ordinate of the stylus.
vXThe horizontal distance dragged.
vYThe vertical distance dragged.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

virtual void WoopsiUI::Window::onDragStart ( ) [protected, virtual]

Draws a XOR rect around the window.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

virtual void WoopsiUI::Window::onDragStop ( ) [protected, virtual]

Erases the XOR rect and moves the window to the new co-ordinates.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

void WoopsiUI::Window::setTitle ( const WoopsiString title)

Set the title of the window.

titleThe new title.

Member Data Documentation

Title of the window

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