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WoopsiUI::PackedFont16 Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/packedfont16.h>

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WoopsiUI::PackedFontBase WoopsiUI::FontBase WoopsiUI::GlyphFont WoopsiUI::ProFont9

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Public Member Functions

 PackedFont16 (u8 first, u8 last, const u16 *glyphData, const u16 *glyphOffset, const u8 *glyphWidth, const u8 height, const u8 spWidth, const u8 charTop, const u8 fixedWidth=0)
void renderChar (const u16 *pixelData, u16 pixelsPerRow, MutableBitmapBase *bitmap, u16 colour, s16 x, s16 y, u16 clipX1, u16 clipY1, u16 clipX2, u16 clipY2)

Detailed Description

PackedFont16 is a class for managing 16-bit packed fonts.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WoopsiUI::PackedFont16::PackedFont16 ( u8  first,
u8  last,
const u16 *  glyphData,
const u16 *  glyphOffset,
const u8 *  glyphWidth,
const u8  height,
const u8  spWidth,
const u8  charTop,
const u8  fixedWidth = 0 
) [inline]


firstAscii index of first character in glphyDdata.
lastAscii index of last character in glyphData.
glyphDataPacked array representing font.
glyphOffsetOffset into glyphData[] of character[i].
glyphWidthPixel width of character[i].
spWidthThe height of a space
heightThe height of the font.
charTopThe height of the font minus the blank spaces below 'a'.
fixedWidthCharacter width (fixed), or 0 for proportional.

Member Function Documentation

void WoopsiUI::PackedFont16::renderChar ( const u16 *  pixelData,
u16  pixelsPerRow,
MutableBitmapBase bitmap,
u16  colour,
s16  x,
s16  y,
u16  clipX1,
u16  clipY1,
u16  clipX2,
u16  clipY2 
) [virtual]

Render an individual character of the font to the specified bitmap.

pixelDataThe font-specific pixel data.
pixelsPerRowThe number of pixels to render per row (for this character).
bitmapBitmap to draw to. Use 0 to draw using the font's own colour scheme, or any other value to override with a monochromatic colour.
colourThe colour to draw with. If this is 0 the font's default colour will be used.
xThe x co-ordinate of the text.
yThe y co-ordinate of the text.
clipX1The left edge of the clipping rectangle.
clipY1The top edge of the clipping rectangle.
clipX2The right edge of the clipping rectangle.
clipY2The bottom edge of the clipping rectangle.

Implements WoopsiUI::PackedFontBase.

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