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WoopsiUI::ListData Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/listdata.h>

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Public Member Functions

 ListData ()
virtual ~ListData ()
virtual void addItem (const WoopsiString &text, const u32 value)
virtual void addItem (ListDataItem *item)
virtual void removeItem (const s32 index)
virtual void selectItem (const s32 index)
virtual void deselectItem (const s32 index)
virtual void removeAllItems ()
virtual const s32 getSelectedIndex () const
virtual void setSelectedIndex (const s32 index)
virtual const ListDataItemgetSelectedItem () const
virtual void setAllowMultipleSelections (const bool allowMultipleSelections)
virtual const ListDataItemgetItem (const s32 index) const
virtual void sort ()
virtual const s32 getItemCount () const
virtual void selectAllItems ()
virtual void deselectAllItems ()
virtual void setItemSelected (const s32 index, const bool selected)
virtual const bool allowsMultipleSelections () const
virtual void setSortInsertedItems (const bool sortInsertedItems)
void addListDataEventHandler (ListDataEventHandler *eventHandler)
void removeListDataEventHandler (ListDataEventHandler *eventHandler)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void quickSort (const s32 start, const s32 end)
virtual void swapItems (const s32 index1, const s32 index2)
const s32 getSortedInsertionIndex (const ListDataItem *item) const
void raiseDataChangedEvent ()
void raiseSelectionChangedEvent ()

Protected Attributes

WoopsiArray< ListDataItem * > _items
< ListDataEventHandler * > 
bool _allowMultipleSelections
bool _sortInsertedItems

Detailed Description

Class representing a list of items. Designed to be used by the ListBox class, etc, to store its data. Fires events to notify listeners when the list changes or a new selection is made.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WoopsiUI::ListData::ListData ( )


virtual WoopsiUI::ListData::~ListData ( ) [virtual]


Member Function Documentation

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::addItem ( const WoopsiString text,
const u32  value 
) [virtual]

Add a new item.

textText to show in the option.
valueThe value of the option.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::addItem ( ListDataItem item) [virtual]

Add an existing item. ListData becomes the owner of the option and will delete it when the list is deleted.

itemThe item to add.
void WoopsiUI::ListData::addListDataEventHandler ( ListDataEventHandler eventHandler) [inline]

Add an event handler.

eventHandlerThe event handler to add.
virtual const bool WoopsiUI::ListData::allowsMultipleSelections ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Returns whether multiple selections are possible or not.

True if multiple selections are allowed.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::deselectAllItems ( ) [virtual]

Deselect all items.

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::deselectItem ( const s32  index) [virtual]

Deselect an item by its index.

indexThe index of the item to select.
virtual const ListDataItem* WoopsiUI::ListData::getItem ( const s32  index) const [inline, virtual]

Get the specified item.

The specified item.
virtual const s32 WoopsiUI::ListData::getItemCount ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Get the total number of items.

The number of items.
virtual const s32 WoopsiUI::ListData::getSelectedIndex ( ) const [virtual]

Get the selected index. Returns -1 if nothing is selected. If more than one item is selected, the index of the first selected item is returned.

The selected index.
virtual const ListDataItem* WoopsiUI::ListData::getSelectedItem ( ) const [virtual]

Get the selected item. Returns NULL if nothing is selected.

The selected option.
const s32 WoopsiUI::ListData::getSortedInsertionIndex ( const ListDataItem item) const [protected]

Return the index that an item should be inserted at to maintain a sorted list of data.

itemThe item to insert.
The index that the item should be imserted into at.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::quickSort ( const s32  start,
const s32  end 
) [protected, virtual]

Quick sort the items using their compareTo() methods.

startThe index to start sorting at.
endThe index to stop sorting at.
void WoopsiUI::ListData::raiseDataChangedEvent ( ) [protected]

Raise a data changed event.

void WoopsiUI::ListData::raiseSelectionChangedEvent ( ) [protected]

Raise a selection changed event.

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::removeAllItems ( ) [virtual]

Remove all items.

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::removeItem ( const s32  index) [virtual]

Remove an item by its index.

indexThe index of the option to remove.
void WoopsiUI::ListData::removeListDataEventHandler ( ListDataEventHandler eventHandler)

Remove an event handler.

eventHandlerThe event handler to remove.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::selectAllItems ( ) [virtual]

Select all items. Does nothing if the list does not allow multiple selections.

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::selectItem ( const s32  index) [virtual]

Select an item by its index.

indexThe index of the item to select.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::setAllowMultipleSelections ( const bool  allowMultipleSelections) [inline, virtual]

Sets whether multiple selections are possible or not.

allowMultipleSelectionsTrue to allow multiple selections.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::setItemSelected ( const s32  index,
const bool  selected 
) [virtual]

Select or deselect an item by its index. Does not deselect any other selected items. Set index to -1 to select nothing.

indexThe index of the item to select.
selectedTrue to select the item, false to deselect it.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::setSelectedIndex ( const s32  index) [virtual]

Sets the selected index. Specify -1 to select nothing. Resets any other selected items to deselected.

indexThe selected index.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::setSortInsertedItems ( const bool  sortInsertedItems) [inline, virtual]

Sets whether or not items added to the list are automatically sorted on insert or not.

sortInsertedItemsTrue to enable sort on insertion.
virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::sort ( ) [virtual]

Sort the items using their compareTo() methods.

virtual void WoopsiUI::ListData::swapItems ( const s32  index1,
const s32  index2 
) [protected, virtual]

Swap the locations of two items in the array.

index1The index of the first item to swap.
index2The index of the second item to swap.

Member Data Documentation

If true, multiple options can be selected.

Collection of list data items.

Collection of event handlers.

Automatically sorts items on insertion if true.

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