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WoopsiUI::FilePath Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/filepath.h>

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Public Member Functions

 FilePath (const WoopsiString &path)
 ~FilePath ()
void setPath (const WoopsiString &path)
const WoopsiStringgetPath () const
void appendPath (const WoopsiString &path)
void goToParent ()
void goToRoot ()

Detailed Description

Class designed to simplify parsing path strings. If told to append the current directory to its current path, the path will not change. If told to append the parent directory, the current directory is stripped from the path. The path string is therefore always as short as possible.

Used by the FileListBox.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WoopsiUI::FilePath::FilePath ( const WoopsiString path)


pathInitial path.
WoopsiUI::FilePath::~FilePath ( ) [inline]


Member Function Documentation

void WoopsiUI::FilePath::appendPath ( const WoopsiString path)

Append a new path component to the current path. Automatically inserts trailing slash.

pathPath to add to the end of the current path.
const WoopsiString& WoopsiUI::FilePath::getPath ( ) const [inline]

Get the path.

The path.
void WoopsiUI::FilePath::goToParent ( )

Move from the current directory to its parent, if possible.

void WoopsiUI::FilePath::goToRoot ( )

Go to the root of the filesystem.

void WoopsiUI::FilePath::setPath ( const WoopsiString path)

Set the path.

pathThe new path.

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