Woopsi 1.3
Nintendo DS Gui Framework
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WoopsiUI::Debug Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/debug.h>

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Static Public Member Functions

static void busyWait ()
static void printf (const char *format,...)
static void flipToTopScreen ()
static void flipToBottomScreen ()
static void flipScreens ()
static void raiseToTop ()
static void lowerToBottom ()

Detailed Description

Debugging console. The class automatically creates its own screen and full GUI when one of the output routines is called.

The DEBUG_ACTIVE define must be set to "true" for the debugger to work. If this is defined as "false", calls to the debugger will silently be ignored.

Member Function Documentation

static void WoopsiUI::Debug::busyWait ( ) [static]

Freeze program until the B button is pressed.

static void WoopsiUI::Debug::flipScreens ( ) [static]

Flip the screen from the current physical display to the other.

static void WoopsiUI::Debug::flipToBottomScreen ( ) [static]

Flip the screen from the top physical display to the bottom display.

static void WoopsiUI::Debug::flipToTopScreen ( ) [static]

Flip the screen from the bottom physical display to the top display.

static void WoopsiUI::Debug::lowerToBottom ( ) [static]

Lowers the gadget to the bottom of its parent's gadget stack.

True if the lower was successful.
static void WoopsiUI::Debug::printf ( const char *  format,
) [static]

Output formatted values to the debug console. Uses standard printf() syntax.

formatFormat of the string to print.
...The values to output.
static void WoopsiUI::Debug::raiseToTop ( ) [static]

Raises the gadget to the top of its parent's gadget stack.

True if the raise was successful.

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