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WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen Class Reference

#include <libwoopsi/include/amigascreen.h>

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WoopsiUI::Screen WoopsiUI::GadgetEventHandler WoopsiUI::Gadget WoopsiUI::WoopsiKeyboardScreen

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struct  AmigaScreenFlags

Public Member Functions

 AmigaScreen (const WoopsiString &title, bool showFlipButton, bool showDepthButton, GadgetStyle *style=NULL)
virtual void setBorderless (bool isBorderless)
virtual void handleReleaseEvent (const GadgetEventArgs &e)
virtual void showFlipButton ()
virtual void showDepthButton ()
virtual void hideFlipButton ()
virtual void hideDepthButton ()
virtual const bool hasFlipButton () const
virtual const bool hasDepthButton () const

Protected Member Functions

virtual void drawBorder (GraphicsPort *port)
virtual void onClick (s16 x, s16 y)
virtual ~AmigaScreen ()
 AmigaScreen (const AmigaScreen &amigaScreen)

Protected Attributes

AmigaScreenFlags _screenFlags

Detailed Description

Class providing a screen with an Amiga-style title bar. Unlike the AmigaWindow class, the title bar in this class can be overlapped by child gadgets. Clicking and dragging the title bar causes the screen to drop down the DS' display, revealing any screens below it. The screen has depth swap and display flip buttons.

All gadgets should be a child/grandchild/etc of a screen except for other screens and the Woopsi instance.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::AmigaScreen ( const WoopsiString title,
bool  showFlipButton,
bool  showDepthButton,
GadgetStyle style = NULL 


titleThe screen's title.
showFlipButtonTrue to show the display-flipping button.
showDepthButtonTrue to show the z-order sorting button.
styleThe style that the gadget should use. If this is not specified, the gadget will use the values stored in the global defaultGadgetStyle object. The gadget will copy the properties of the style into its own internal style object.
virtual WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::~AmigaScreen ( ) [inline, protected, virtual]


WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::AmigaScreen ( const AmigaScreen amigaScreen) [inline, protected]

Copy constructor is protected to prevent usage.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::drawBorder ( GraphicsPort port) [protected, virtual]

Draw the area of this gadget that falls within the clipping region. Called by the redraw() function to draw all visible regions.

portThe GraphicsPort to draw to.
See also:

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Screen.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::handleReleaseEvent ( const GadgetEventArgs e) [virtual]

Handle events fired by decoration gadgets.

eEvent arguments to process.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::GadgetEventHandler.

Reimplemented in WoopsiUI::WoopsiKeyboardScreen.

virtual const bool WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::hasDepthButton ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Does the screen have a depth button?

True if the screen has a depth button.
virtual const bool WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::hasFlipButton ( ) const [inline, virtual]

Does the screen have a flip button?

True if the screen has a flip button.
virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::hideDepthButton ( ) [virtual]

Hides the depth button if it is hidden. Has no effect if the screen is borderless.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::hideFlipButton ( ) [virtual]

Hides the flip button if it is visible. Has no effect if the screen is borderless.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::onClick ( s16  x,
s16  y 
) [protected, virtual]

Starts the dragging system.

xThe x co-ordinate of the click.
yThe y co-ordinate of the click.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::setBorderless ( bool  isBorderless) [virtual]

Sets this gadget's border state. Setting to false hides the title bar.

isBorderlessThe border state.

Reimplemented from WoopsiUI::Gadget.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::showDepthButton ( ) [virtual]

Shows the depth button if it is hidden. Has no effect if the screen is borderless.

virtual void WoopsiUI::AmigaScreen::showFlipButton ( ) [virtual]

Shows the flip button if it is hidden. Has no effect if the screen is borderless.

Member Data Documentation

Pointer to the screen's depth button

Pointer to the screen's flip button

AmigaScreen-specific flags

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